Sunday, July 21, 2013

Eat in Kuala Lumpur: Sek Yuen Restoran, Jalan Pudu

Sek Yuen Restoran
315 Jalan Pudu, 
55100 Kuala Lumpur, 
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ‎ 
Phone:+60 3-9222 0903 ‎

It supposed to be a marathon trip but became a makan trip. The Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon got postponed to 29 Sep 2013 because of potential haze hazard. Fortunately, the haze was gone by the time we were there and unfortunately the air was cleared and good for the marathon.

This eating place was suggested by one of the running friend and we decided to head out there or dinner.

This place is famous and searching the name on the web will show you many bloggers blogged about it:

 Very conveniently located, it was just a few steps away from Pudu LRT station. Turned left after exiting the gate and you will be on Jalan Sarawak which is the back lanes of the shop houses. Head left and walk a few steps, you will see firewood piles up by the wall. Head out the lanes beside the firewood and there you are at the restaurant.
To the left is the old non-aircon restaurant and on the right is the air-con restaurant. We decided the old fashioned non aircon place.

If you do not know cantonese, better go to the blogs above and try to save the photo of the dishes you want to order and show them to the staff there because the staff only speaks cantonese and some a little bit of basic chinese.
We went there at 5.30pm and the restaurant is very quiet and empty and so we will have full attention by the staff. The place was quickly filled up at 6.30pm.

Pot of hot tea. Nice of them to serve with a pot of ice for those we want the tea to cool down faster:

The restaurant is empty and the staff are still relaxing before the crowd comes in:

Only one other table is occupied. Love the old traditional setting:

The famous "pi pa duck" which even one of the eating mate who do not eat duck love it. 
The lettuce is used for wrapping the stired fried shark fin, crab meat with egg called "kwai fa chi":

This is how you eat "kwai fa chi":

Cannot remember what is this called but is a cold dish. Steam White chicken with jelly fish and wasabi. Very unique dish, The chicken meat is tender and smooth and the wasabi taste matches well.

We also ordered a place of vegetable and prawns. Prawns are OK:

At 6.30pm, the restaurant is fully filled!

Total Bill came up to be only RM$166 for 6 Pax

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