Sunday, May 04, 2008

pit bottom!

Injuried -> cannot run, swim or do any other workout

Jobless -> cannot buy new shoes and busier than before looking for jobs openings and sending resume...and study all the technical stuff again to prepare for interviews....

One of the worst time of my life....look like my life go down faster than the economy


KickJazz said...

Rest is to prepare for a longer journey ahead.

All the best and don't despair! Take this as a turning point in ur life, a new chapter, and to a more exciting episode ahead! :)

Jia1 You2!

roentgen said...

Hang in there Taz! I am sure things will look up soon :)

Anonymous said...

Look like we are in the same boat.

Although I cant see much light at the end of tunnel, I believe there is always a way out.

We can only be stronger in character.

ps: you still look very fit when I saw last Friday, si fu. :-p


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